Join the Trumpet Mastery™ Course!

By becoming an apprentice of the Trumpet Mastery™ Course, Paul will teach you how to master the trumpet no matter if you’re a beginner or a returning player. It doesn’t matter what your level of experience is – when you approach the trumpet from the basics, it’s easy to build your skill quickly and efficiently.

Get access to dozens of trumpet lessons that teach you:

  • The Basics: Learn fingerings, tuning, buzzing and mouthpiece position, breathing techniques, etc.
  • Slurring/Legato Playing: Explore how to play melodies as if you were singing them, and how to express emotion through your trumpet.
  • Scales: Necessary for the structure of any musical work, gain access to dozens of different scale variations that will let you play any piece with ease.
  • Range: Learn how to expand your range into the stratosphere and explore different techniques.
  • Double/Triple Tonguing: Learn the best ways to practice tonguing techniques to play technical pieces for the trumpet.
  • Styles: Explore how to play a range of different styles of music for the trumpet, including classical, jazz, polka, mariachi, and more!
  • Classical Repertoire: Learn in-depth how to play common trumpet pieces from composers such Hadyn, Hummel, and more!
  • Improvisation: Improve your improvisational skills and play over any style of music.